Initial In Home Consultation

We have trained professionals who deliver in the moment! A structured session meant for speed and efficiency you need. We strive to pivot as fast as your desire to turn your design to reality. We will take a tour of your home or office and offer unique ideas, solutions and a great direction for your project. We also discuss exhaustively our design process, your investment amount, schedule, and how we optimize your time and money. The design landscape spans across scenes, floor plan and color pallets and is constantly evolving. Your design plan needs to model that construct. Crosby plans, tests, and pivots design strategies to adapt to your needs and, most importantly, your dream canvass. This service option sets about the process to working with us on a full scale project, or you may use it as one-time visit for DIY ideas to solve a design predicament. Most of our design services start with an in home consultation that lasts up to two hours to assess your needs and anchor your project.​

Cancellation Policy

Bookings close 5 days before the session starts. Consultation Fees are non-refundable. If you are unable to make your appointment, we are happy to reschedule anytime within 48 hours of your appointment. We kindly ask that you add your appointment to your calendar so you won't miss us. Please be aware of the time zone booked. We look forward to learning more about your design needs.