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Your home is a personal sanctuary, and your bed is the ultimate relaxation destination. A place to lie down and rest after a hard day’s toil. It is one of the most essential and inevitable requirements for any human being because the quality of sleep that you get depends largely on how comfortable and cosy your bed is.

A bedroom is an investment project that gives you returns for a long period in the form of relaxation and rejuvenation. It forms an integral part of your everyday living, so it is important to invest in premium quality pieces – especially beds – when designing your bedroom.

Various underlying factors govern your choice of bed in every aspect, be it the material, size, or even the quality of a simple bed design that you invest in. With a plethora of sleeping bed options available online these days, choosing the right storage bed as per your requirement and specification may seem a difficult task. If you are looking to buy beds online, here is a quick guide to answer all your queries about buying a designer storage bed for a restful and comfortable sleep.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Bed Online

You want your bed to be just perfect, something that gives you optimum satisfaction and helps you rest well every night so you can take the next day by storm. It involves a good amount of investment too. Hence, you need to be precautious about various things before finalizing a bed design for your room.

The Purpose What bed you choose depends largely on what purpose you want it for. For example, a single bed design would solve your purpose if you live alone. But if you have two kids or twins, then a bunker bed, folding bed, or a storage bed would also address the concern and save a lot of space in the kids’ bedroom.

Space Availability If you have a small house or smaller rooms and like to be organized, you should choose beds with storage spaces. Box-bed designs and storage bed designs pull-out drawers installed within double beds, or even single beds, and hydraulic bed units can save a lot of space and provide extra storage facilities for you to store your essentials and keep your room neat and organized at all times.

Size of Bed Frame Your bed frame design should not be too large or too small as per the space availability in your master bedroom. Also, it should coincide with your sleep comforts. If you want a wider space, then a king-size bed is what you need. But if you love to sleep in a composed posture, then a queen-size bed is sufficient.

Quality of Material You want a bed that has a longer lifespan, which means that you should consider the quality of the materials used in your new bed. Depending upon the quality of the material that you choose, you can browse Crosby to buy the beds that will stand the test of time. For example, a wooden bed design from Crosby promises better longevity, good durability, and sturdiness for years to come.

Pay Attention to Style The aesthetic appeal of your bed is as important as the quality and comfort that it provides. Since your bedroom is where you spend most of your time relaxing and unwinding, it is best to choose beds that reflect your personality and design style. Your bed design should synchronize with the existing decor theme of your room, whether you have a more mid-century modern aesthetic or a more minimal and industrial style. Your bed reflects your personality and personal choice; and should be an aesthetically appealing and comfortable sleeping bed at the same time.

Budget A key factor to consider when shopping for a bed online is your budget. It is advisable to peruse the prices of all the beds at Crosby before deciding which one you want. You can accordingly set money aside or save from upcoming paychecks to purchase the bed of your dreams. Crosby offers beds for bedrooms of all kinds for people with varying budgets. Your purchasing decision would be highly affected by the budget that you set aside for it.

Types of Beds and Their Utility

Depending on usage, there are different varieties of beds that you can select from. These varieties include:

  1. Single Beds
    • Perfect for bachelors and students who may live alone or do not have a lot of space in their homes.
    • Single beds with storage spaces are available.
    • Also known as twin beds, they are 75 inches long and 39 inches wide.
  2. Double Beds
    • Also known as full-sized beds, designed for two people to sleep in.
    • Suitable for college students, couples, hotels, and loft beds.
    • Can be made with storage space for extra bedding or other essentials.
  3. Queen Size Beds
    • Ideal size of 80×60 inches.
    • Used by couples, teens, and young adults who live at home.
    • Perfect for a guest room, hotel room, and bachelor’s room as well, as it is a sizeable bed without taking over the entire room.
  4. King Size Beds
    • Comes with dimensions of 80 X 76 inches, the largest and most luxurious bed size.
    • Suitable for married couples with a small kid or individuals who love to sleep in luxury.
    • King size beds can have significant storage spaces to organize and store items.
    • Well-suited for spacious bedrooms, as they may take up too much space in a small to medium-sized bedroom.

Explore Varieties in Bed Designs and Styles

  • Poster Beds: These beds have four columns that add charisma and beauty to your master bedroom design. They are mostly made of wood, adding durability and longevity to them. They come with storage spaces too and are a popular choice for bedrooms all over the country.
  • Foldable and Trundle Beds: These beds can be folded and put to other functionalities during the daytime. It can be pulled out like a secret chamber at night and add an appealing look to the overall space. This style of bed is ideal for small spaces like studio apartments and homes that have their bedrooms to serve multiple purposes.
  • Bunk Beds: Space constraints can be dealt with in the best manner by using bunk beds to accommodate two adults in a single bed space room. Two single beds are placed, one on top of the other where two children or two adults can sleep comfortably. This style of bed is also popular at rest houses, dormitories, and vacation homes.
  • Upholstered Beds: These beds come with a luxurious fabric covering their wooden parts and provide added comfort when resting, watching TV, or simply taking a backrest to relax your body. They add an extra element of appeal and aesthetics to the overall interiors of the room, and the fabric also adds warmth and coziness.

Different Materials Used for Making Designer Beds

  • Wood: A wide range of wooden bed designs makes beds of all sizes and varieties. This includes particleboard, Sheesham wood beds, teak, acacia, mango, rubber, solid, and engineered wood. Crosby offers wooden beds that are made using traditional design elements or framed in contemporary designs.
  • Metal: Beds made of metals like wrought iron and steel are strong, sturdy, and come in various patterns. They add elegance and beauty to the decor of your bedroom. These beds are well-suited for people who prefer to keep a clean space, as metal is usually easier to clean and does not allow dust to accumulate.
  • Fabric: Leather and fabric are used to create upholstered beds, a true combination of comfort and style. These beds are best for a more contemporary and modern look.

Where to Shop for Designer Beds?

If you are planning to buy a bed for yourself, you can easily get the best deals, designs, and varieties on Crosby right from the comfort of your home. Crosby is a one-stop destination for furniture and décor, with the widest and latest collection of various beds in every material, design, and style for you to choose from. From wooden to metal and upholstered beds, single, double, and bunk beds, storage, foldable to trundle beds, Crosby has everything you can think of when it comes to the different categories and styles of designer beds.

What makes Crosby a preferred choice for modern furniture lovers all across the country is that:

  • It has the widest and latest collection that boasts traditional, contemporary, and modern furniture, all under one roof.
  • It offers the most competitive and affordable prices but does not compromise on its quality and commitment.
  • With a single click on your smart devices, you can select the best available choice of beds without having to hop around from one shop to another physically.
  • Special discounts and offers make shopping a tempting deal for every buyer.
  • Cash on delivery, easy return options, and warranty on its products make Crosby the star of the show amongst modern furniture portals in India.
  • There are special offers during festivities and sales on different modern furniture ranges from time to time, proving extremely valuable and worth the spend.
  • Crosby offers free delivery to most of the pin codes in India and multiple payment options, along with no-cost EMI too.

Apart from furniture, you can even shop for other related accessories like mattresses, pillows, bedsheets, lights, decor items, etc., all under one umbrella at Crosby. We make furnishing and decorating your home easy by bringing together the best products from all the top furniture and home décor brands that India has to offer.

Crosby stands as a top choice when it comes to purchasing a bed or any modern furniture for your dream house. With numerous advantages and the growing importance of online shopping, especially during the pandemic, Crosby offers safety, convenience, and a wide range of options to cater to your needs.


What is a queen size bed? A queen-size bed refers to a bed that falls between the dimensions of a king-size and a double bed. It provides ample space for two individuals to sleep comfortably, making it an ideal choice for couples or those who desire extra room for themselves.

Which wood is best for a bed? Hardwoods like birch, cherry, ebony, mahogany, maple, teak, oak, and rosewood are the optimal choices for crafting high-quality beds.

What is the normal size of a double bed? The normal size of a double bed is around 54 x 74 inches (137 x 187 cm).

What is the difference between a double bed and a queen size bed? A queen-size bed is 6 inches wider than a double bed, making it an ideal choice for individuals or a family of two. While a double bed provides sufficient space for a single person, it may be slightly shorter and less comfortable for two individuals sharing it.

How many cities does Crosby deliver within India? Crosby delivers to over 500 cities in India.

Does Crosby have an app where I can register? Crosby offers a highly interactive app with enhanced augmented reality capabilities. By registering on the app, users can access exclusive offers, receive notifications, and enjoy a wide range of additional features to enhance their shopping experience.

Since when has Crosby been operational? Crosby was conceptualized in 2011, and its website and operations were launched in January 2012.

Can I get my room designed by Crosby? Yes, Crosby has experienced interior designers who can help you design your entire room, right from selecting the right modern furniture, upholstery matching, and lighting to finally adding decorative and other elements into your interior space.