Small Indian apartments will benefit from these 20 open kitchen recommendations.

The kitchen is the most significant room in every Indian family after the puja room. To elucidate this point, you must be aware that traditionally the place where the women of the house got together to socialise while cooking, was kitchen. The kitchen, however, is no longer the domain of women; it has evolved into a space where the entire family gathers and unites. While practicality is paramount, desi millennials also want their kitchens to be visually appealing, chic and trendy. And that's where open kitchens come in - they're the ideal combination of style, functionality, and accessibility!

Coming to think of an open kitchen, what springs to your mind first? Isn't it a big, open kitchen? Well, what if we told you that an open kitchen works well for even the tiniest of homes? Isn't it incredible? The truth is that when space is limited, an open kitchen has numerous advantages.

Why open kitchens are recommended for small apartments

The majority of Indian flats in major cities are tiny, with much smaller kitchens. You could assume that an open kitchen isn't a smart idea in such a space. However, the exact reverse is true! Open kitchens provide a number of advantages:

- They make the most of the available space and make the room appear larger.

- When your apartment's square footage is limited, having separate dining and kitchen spaces is never a smart idea. Open kitchens can be incorporated into either the dining or living rooms.

- Open kitchens get the most light from all of the rooms around them, giving the impression of more space.

Have you made up your mind about obtaining an open kitchen for your small apartment? Now, have a look at these 20 small open kitchen designs to get some ideas!

#1: Open Kitchen with a Breakfast counter to save dining space

A built-in breakfast bar for two may be included in the open kitchen design for a tiny dwelling. This not only saves space in the dining room, but it's also convenient for working people who can get a bite to eat while cooking in the morning.

#2: Soft pastel shades to create illusion of the space

When creating tiny rooms, one of the most important rules to follow is to utilise light colours. Open kitchens with pastel colours appear both contemporary and roomy. The powder blue and beige colour palette makes the kitchen appear larger, while the colourful backsplash adds a playful touch.

#3: Fit into a small space

One of the most appealing aspects of an open kitchen design is that it does not require a separate area to construct — it can be built into any available niche. Open kitchen may be constructed in a passageway nook. Isn't it incredible?

#4: Ample lighting makes spacious kitchen

Who said faults had to be concealed? When you have a tiny area, light it up! Bright lighting, contrary to popular opinion, can actually make a space appear larger. You may chose from pendant lights to spotlights and profile lighting.

#5: Accommodate it in a Living room

Is there no room for a kitchen? It's no issue. Simply place it in your living room! The kitchen and living space are essentially one single room that has been partitioned with the assistance of a wall, as you can see in the photograph. This style of decor is also ideal for entertaining visitors.

#6: An L-shaped open kitchen maximises space.

Open kitchens are all about making the most of the available space. And by choosing for an L-shaped arrangement inside an open design, this kitchen design makes the most of it. The mix of the L-shaped and open design provides plenty of room to work and move about.

#7: An Open Kitchen with a Dining Room

When you live in a small flat, wasting space is a shame! We really like how open kitchen idea makes good use of the space available for a dining table. This sort of setup is beneficial for working millennials, particularly those with children, who are often pressed for time.

#8: A Kitchen Only Needs One Wall

Apartments in places like Mumbai may be as tiny as 500 square feet. As a result, it's critical to employ every space-saving trick in the book in order to maximise the available space. Because it only uses one wall, this open kitchen design for a tiny house is ideal. This sort of kitchen will simply fit into your living or dining areas.

#9: the Suspended Storage Model

Look up if you're running out of room. No, we don't imply that you should seek inspiration from the sky! It's all about vertical space here. Most people overlook the fact that a space has a ceiling that may be utilised. With the aid of a hanging storage-cum-display-unit, open kitchen design makes the most of 'fifth wall.' This is a great way to add some more storage without taking up any room!

#10: Open Kitchens with Lots of Storage

There is no such thing as an excessive amount of storage! And it's the plentiful storage that has been provided despite the tiny area that makes open kitchen great. Here's a helpful hint:

When adding storage to a tiny kitchen, choose handleless cabinets to maximise the available space.

#11: White is synonymous to space

White is a magical colour for making tiny open kitchens appear larger. Despite its small size, the abundance of white in kitchen gives it a spacious appearance. The use of strategic lighting also contributes to the feeling of openness.

#12: Glossy cabinets appear more spacious

While matte is popular, it may make a room appear smaller. You may chose a high-gloss finish for the kitchen cabinetry to make it appear larger. Glossy and shiny surfaces act as mirrors, giving the impression of more space.

#13: Ample natural light makes an impact

One of the primary advantages of an open kitchen design is that you can maximise the amount of natural light streaming in depending on where you install it. You are not constrained by the presence or absence of windows in the kitchen, unlike in a closed kitchen. Because of the abundance of natural light and the pristine white cabinetry, open kitchen, despite its tiny size, appears considerably larger.

#14: Open Kitchen in the Rustic Style

The beauty is in the simplicity! Even a huge room might appear small when there is too much going on in terms of design. Kitchens with open layouts and basic designs, are a hit. The brick walls lend a rustic flavour to the kitchen, which has been kept plain and basic.

#15: Follow Golden triangle

Do you know what the golden triangle rule is? It's a culinary notion that the sink, refrigerator, and stove should create a triangle to provide comfort and convenience. When you have a tiny open kitchen, it's critical to get the design just right.

#16: Avoid black

Isn't it true that black and narrow spaces are a no-no? The beauty of excellent design is that there is always a way around a problem. But if you chose to, apply texture to the cabinetry. Despite the black colour scheme, the textured herringbone pattern keeps the space from seeming gloomy, making the kitchen appear larger.