How to upgrade your bathroom on a budget

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

To fall in love with the design, the concept, colors and design furniture are crucial. It is very common these days to renovate the bathrooms. However, many a times we are faced with the constraint of budget. In this article I will share the simple hacks to renovate washroom on a budget and still enjoy the luxurious feel.

1. Light: The artificial and natural light in the bathroom needs to be realistic, so that the people genuinely love it. Have indirect light instead of direct lights. The ceiling may be increased to have pelmet effect and a light beneath the mirror adds glow to the whole bathroom story.

2. Mirror: Being an integral part of washroom, the reflections on the sheets, spots in the room need to be really impressive. This can be achieved by long mirrors covering the basin area.

3. Material used: The materials such as tiles, stones, need to be very soft, clean and nice! We really liked Kajaria Ultima, etc., for our projects. However, for DIY-ers this may prove to be challenging on workmanship part. Check our projects hope you'll love it too.

4. Ceiling: In order to make the bathroom more stylish to users, cover the complete ceiling with POP, however, leave two inches from all the side walls, so that indirect lighting may be added inside the pelmet.

5. Layout: The basic principles of Feng Shui are unique and have to be incorporated in the interesting layout decisions when developing projects. You may easily get the ideas by consulting with our team on

6. Technology: The combination of different textures, natural materials and innovative technologies is also an integral part of modern interior design process. We felt some products such as faucets from Kohler, Jaquar or conceal flushing systems from Grohe, which comes with lifetime warranty are good choices.

To conclude, we are confident that interior today is an embodiment of the character and lifestyle of its owner. Meet the next apartment in Enjoy!

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