10 light fixtures that will transform your entire space

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

To add charm to your decor, hover over your next illuminating device. There you go lights!

There are various alternatives that you can pick for different layouts. If you add a focal point to your space, this will give a different feel to your room. You can pick a design that’s complimemtary to your main or tertiary style such as sconce lights or dome lights highlight the focal point in the area.

In addition to this, we need to work on main source of light and accent light. You need to decide on the kind of activity that the room be used for Before planning the type of light, e.g., reading, entertainment, leisure (look for different lights for different activities). Mind you, while a pendant light adds glamor to bedroom you may need reading lamp for study.

For accent lighting only the source of light has to accentuate the artifact or accent piece, whereas the main source of light lets you hide or display the radiance of the theme. Toggle between the various options available to you such as led stripe, track light, magnetic light which relatively new and hence costly in Indian market etc and view your changes in mood of the room.

If your room has ample day light, main or primary light still need to be bright. You can have a dimmer for mood lighting. A relatively expensive option may be smart lights or bulbs, you’ll want to make sure the utility or activities to be carried by users in the room.

Finally, light may make or mar the beauty of the room, so chose wisely.

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