Crosby Maya

Continuing our vision to re-imagine designer homes by making well-known and loved designers more affordable and accessible to customers across the country, CROSBY brings to you some of the biggest names in Indian architecture and design.

An amalgamation of fantasy and meticulous craftsmanship

Meticulous craftsmanship, a strong design sensibility and an undying love for sartorial research, the CROSBY brand exudes fantasy, sophistication and dictated design excellence for the homes of today. Associations with some of the strongest international brands make us a designer whose forte goes beyond a uni-dimensional profile and has collaborated with brands across the globe.

Larger than life approach for your homes

Creative visions of elegance and edgy grandeur, and a larger-than-life approach to luxury, design, and lifestyle have been the signature of the brand CROSBY. It is the marriage of the uniqueness of India's craft and tradition with the ever-changing nature of contemporary fashion that sets the pace for Crosby