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Our approach is to implement the design in a beautiful home, where inhabitants reside with impeccable taste in art. An indie perches on the steps of Crosby Raas homes. The masonry and upcycled decor and grillwork are influenced by the pioneer of sustainable architecture in India.

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Refined interiors and the sustainable design philosophy

Our designs are different but all finished with the same clean lines and an unerring eye for quality. We are sure that you will be touched by the peace and calm created by a conspiracy of elements orchestrated by Crosby. We create a holistic experience in which your dream home becomes a peaceful oasis amidst the excitement and sensory overload we experience in India.

A Home That Funnels in Air and Light

Crosby's design rhapsody makes your hallmark home airy and luminous as it may be. We relentlessly create curious homes that distinguish from their cookie-cutter surroundings. We have devoted ourselves to the cause of using sustainable materials such as mud and waste as chief components to make structures that are both utilitarian and alluring.



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