Crosby Shunya

We are a research-driven interior design and architecture studio specializing in net-zero energy buildings. We use said design principles to build structures. Our houses respond to the climate of the region through a host of design interventions.

Luxe and Eco-conscious

Our designs employ a series of mechanisms that minimize resource consumption and reduce the building's environmental impact while enhancing the residents' thermal comfort and conserving energy.

Functionalism' is the essence

Crosby's Scandinavian homes blend beauty and function in a way we are sure will leave you mesmerized. Relaxed but refined, a not-too-blank canvas for showing off one's furnishings and antiques is stymied only by a justified fear of keeping them clean. Clean lines, functional furnishings, and a neutral palette are hallmarks of modernist style everywhere. Crosby's Scandanavian design is also heavily influenced by a desire for interiors to be cozy yet bright. These practical considerations lead to a new level of spare elegance and a fondness for lighter colors, simple forms, and open-plan spaces.