Our Commitment to Sustainability


Responsible sourced Materials

Welcome to our world of ethically crafted and eco-friendly furniture, where every piece tells a story of sustainability, responsibility, and the skilled hands of local artisans. At CROSBY, we're more than just a furniture shop; we're a movement towards a more sustainable and ethical furnishing future, made proudly in India.

Supporting local artisans

When you choose CROSBY, you're not just buying furniture; you're supporting a community of local artisans in India. Our craftsmen bring generations of traditional skills to the table, literally. By purchasing from us, you help preserve these skills, promote fair wages, and uplift communities.

Made in India, with Pride

Our entire collection is manufactured in India, reflecting the rich heritage and craftsmanship that our country is known for. Each piece is a testament to the skill, dedication, and passion of our artisans, made with techniques passed down through generations, tailored for contemporary living spaces.

Explore our collection

  • Living Room Elegance. Dive into our living room collection, where functionality meets sustainability. From eco-friendly sofas to sustainable wood coffee tables, find the perfect pieces to create a living space that’s both beautiful and responsible.

  • Dining with a difference. Gather around a dining table that's built on the principles of sustainability and ethical manufacturing. Our dining furniture is not just a place to eat; it's a place to share stories, make memories, and do so responsibly.

  • Bedroom Sanctuaries. Retreat to a bedroom furnished with pieces that reflect your commitment to the environment. Our beds, dressers, and nightstands, made from sustainable wood, offer durability, beauty, and peace of mind, night after night.

  • Office Spaces Reimagined. Elevate your workspace with our range of eco-friendly office furniture. Designed with ergonomics and sustainability in mind, our desks, chairs, and storage solutions support your productivity and our planet.

Why Choose Us?

Ethically Crafted: Every piece of furniture is made with the highest ethical standards, from sourcing to manufacturing.Eco-Friendly: We use materials and processes that are kind to the environment, reducing our carbon footprint and yours.Supports Local Artisans: Your purchase directly benefits the skilled artisans in India, ensuring fair wages and promoting traditional craftsmanship.Quality and Durability: Our commitment to quality means you get furniture that's not just beautiful but built to last.Made in India: Take pride in owning furniture that's crafted in India, supporting local manufacturing and reducing transportation emissions.

Join us in making a difference.

One piece of furniture at a time. Explore our collections and find the perfect additions to your home that align with your values. Shop now for furniture that's good for the planet and great for your home.



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