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Each layer of design works together to make the whole ecosystem stronger. We start by building a beautiful and pragmatic design and making sure that contractors meet our strict building standards.

Then, we add site visits on top to help prevent leaks and hacks. And finally, we give you control over the entire fleet of construction set up. 

Perfect Solution for Your Home

  • Decorate from scratch
  • Create customizable floor plan
  • Space planning and test fits
  • 360 degree view
  • and much more!

Smoke sensor

Open source software for your client's needs

Door/Window Sensor

True enough, but that's not all that it takes

Smart Light

Focus on the actual layout, or color scheme

* You Experience unmatched quality & timely delivery within 45 days.

Beautiful interiors within budget

We have an exclusive design studio that comprises interior designers, 3-D visualizers and draftsmen, and best-in-class facilities. As you navigate us through your expectations, our team of professional designers ensures that your style stands out to make an impact. Based on your inputs we provide impeccable 3D design renderings or full turnkey implementation to match your budget.

Living room

Special Features

While we develop a custom design plan, tailor-made for your specific needs, we thrive in an insight-rich culture that sit atop a technical ecosystem that fuels performance designing.

Design you don't have to imagine

Create a 3D walkthrough of your home interiors with our 3D visalization tool. From floor plans to a 360 degree view of your design, visualise your space with Crosby Create.

  • Easy EMI
  • 45 day delivery
  • 10-year warranty
  • Add Scenario

CROSBY is Best for Your Home

Elementum phasellus

The easiest way to bring your design to reality

While we develop a custom design plan, tailor-made  for your specific needs, we thrive in an insight-rich culture that sit atop a technical eco-system that fuels performance designing.

We undertake customized joinery work for large corporate projects and interior fit-out solutions for the hospitality sector. We bring forth celestial designs inspired by nature and human interaction with space. Our designs decipher the versatile vision of our discerning clients to compose ergonomic and progressive structural forms. From drapery and upholstery selection to meticulous interior architectural planning, each space is imbued with the client’s majestic unique style and persona.

Design & Architecture

Aligning ideas to execution, our Design & Architecture services enable clients to reap the benefits Accuracy and Precision supported by a flair for design    and a quest for innovative solutions.

Statement Designs

Our Designers have the ability to devise exquisite proportions, optimum spatial planning with an unwavering focus on quality and a keen eye for detail

Soulful Interiors

In order to break through the thousands of designers available, we rely on quality & creative designs, which are essential to get the outcomes you are looking for.

Research Based Design

As we deliver turn-key projects, our design tribe maintains the highest standard, of quality control within the postulated time frame.



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