CROSBY is engaged in both design and manufacturing. We have an exclusive design studio which comprises interior designers, 3-D visualisers and draftsmen and best-in-class facilities. As you navigate us through your expectations, our team of professional designers ensures that your style stands out to make an impact. Based on your inputs we provide impeccable 3D design renderings or full turnkey implementation to match your budget.

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While we develop a custom design plan, tailor-made for your specific needs, we thrive in an insight-rich culture that sit atop a technical ecosystem that fuels performance designingWe undertake customised joinery work for large corporate projects and interior fit-out solutions for the hospitality sector.

We bring forth the celestial designs inspired by nature and human interaction with space. Our designs decipher the versatile vision of our discerning clients to compose ergonomic and progressive structural forms. From drapery and upholstery selection to meticulous interior architectural planning, each space is imbued with the client’s majestic unique style and persona. Get in touch with us today to claim your free discovery call.


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