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Our promise

Your construction success is our responsibility.

Crosby is the one-stop shop to maximize your construction & renovation results.

We build best-in-class building envelopes that reflect superior construction experience, within weeks. where others stop, we continue. get full architectural support to make sure you are off to a flying start.

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Why we are the best in town?

The core and shell of our operation rely on our ability to render marvelous building envelopes

with an unequaled finish and lasting value right from the foundation stage to the completion stage. You may leverage our unique services to get maximum benefit.

Brilliant building envelops created for everyone

Completion and handover of all construction activities and financial closure so as to have your facility ready for use in a timely manner and as per the desired level of quality ought to be no-brainer, but regulation and quality issues make it a complex affair. Now you can cut through the complexity with a premium build service, by Crosby

Crosby's building revolution FAST, EASY & AFFORDABLE

Grow your creativity, not your workload. Say goodbye to costly builders and developers and hello to our easy, transparent solution.

No costly development teams or giant budgets. Our expert build team integrates with your building plan and convenience. Just added a new kitchen to your home? Or your false ceiling needs updation. Implement changes fast and get rid off unprofessional builders. Where others stop, we’re just getting started. We consider everything from aesthetics and acoustics, to furniture and function. Get full scale building support to drive renovations or build from scratch home.


INFRASTRUCTURE A complete landscape of knowledge, infrastructure and technology


Outline goals, needs, plan and visualize layouts to renderings


Creativity, learning, optimization, and experiment


Detailed technical drawings, delivered in a giffy


Symbiotic relationships with clients and vendors, allow us to minimize costs

MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing)

From design and mobilization of resources to ensuring that implementation observes all codes, our MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) division carefully takes the helm of each step of the process to promptly deliver splendid work.

Sometimes, little things make all the difference! To transform the look and feel of your place, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and related ancillary building services play a vital role. With a dedicated design and execution team, we accomplish turnkey solutions related to all MEP requirements and even provide specialized plumbing and electrical consultancy. That said we are sure you are anxious to Dive right in and get started.


We have a team of experts for landscape architecture, which structures an exhaustive landscaping design strategy and implementers that allow you to maneuver the plan till fulfillment.

From the tryst of drafting technical drawings, photographic simulations, and perspective sketches, to the final execution of the design, our landscape architects, take into account elements such as color matching, formal composition, design, and water effects. The team is adept at creating elegant outdoor spaces that complement the client’s ideas and invites you to enjoy a moment of solitude in the middle of a hectic day rejecting all tropes of landscape design.